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    Winging It

    A starling job

    Lots of families bought puppies during lockdown, but Sarah and her kids hit Jack-pot… More

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    Arnie Get Your Gun!

    Purr-minator puss

    Teddy the cat is seemingly part-feline, part-cyborg — but his owner Lauren is not bidding him hasta la vista yet… More

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    Feel The Gurn

    Jawsome Picasso

    Unloved and about to be put down, Liesl’s dog was rescued from the misaligned jaws of death, twice… More

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    I’ll Raise Ewe!

    PIG Daddy

    There’s not a chauvinist bone in this pig’s 20st body as he’s single dad to two woolly wee ones. Morag has taught him well… More

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    Squawk Of Fame

    Celeb cockatoo

    Alison’s a groupie to a feathered Fred Astaire, trying not to cramp his Harry Styles… More

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    Super Shepherd

    Doggy donor

    Lisa’s red emergency at night was a German Shepherd’s delight… More

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    I Ain’t Yolking

    A good egg

    Ever heard the one about the chicken owner who refuses to eat eggs? Maddy explains all… More

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    Eye See You!

    Googly greyhound

    Amy’s Italian greyhound has gone from a one-eyed Cyclops to a cartoon Pup-eye! More

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