“When I read the story, I was really pleased with the way it had been told”

Lisa Balden-Chalk shared the sto­ry of her bion­ic baby, Ryan who was born with three holes in his heart and had a pace­mak­er fit­ted at just two months old.

She said: ‘The writer I spoke to was real­ly easy to talk to. I want­ed to share what had hap­pened to me because it was a hard time in our lives, and I hoped it might help oth­er par­ents who are going through some­thing sim­i­lar. When I read the sto­ry, I was real­ly pleased with the way it had been told. It was exact­ly what I’d said and writ­ten in a beau­ti­ful way. I told all my friends and fam­i­ly the mag­a­zine was com­ing out by putting it on Face­book and they all went out and bought copies. I was real­ly pleased with the pic­tures and the way the sto­ry looked in the mag­a­zine, too. I’ve even kept a copy in a dust-proof fold­er to show Ryan when he’s older!’

How do I tell my story?

Before fea­tur­ing your sto­ry, one of Real People’s writ­ers will con­tact you for a brief chat over the phone. If your sto­ry is suit­able for the mag­a­zine we will agree a fee to be paid on pub­li­ca­tion. We will then do a full inter­view with you – usu­al­ly over the phone – and ask you to pro­vide rel­e­vant photographs.

What happens next?

Once your sto­ry is ready to be print­ed, a writer will phone you and read it out to you as it appears on the page. Not all mag­a­zines do this, but we pride our­selves on giv­ing you the reas­sur­ance of hear­ing your sto­ry first – it is yours, after all!



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