“When I read the story, I was really pleased with the way it had been told”

Lisa Balden-Chalk shared the story of her bionic baby, Ryan who was born with three holes in his heart and had a pacemaker fitted at just two months old.

She said: ‘The writer I spoke to was really easy to talk to. I wanted to share what had happened to me because it was a hard time in our lives, and I hoped it might help other parents who are going through something similar. When I read the story, I was really pleased with the way it had been told. It was exactly what I’d said and written in a beautiful way. I told all my friends and family the magazine was coming out by putting it on Facebook and they all went out and bought copies. I was really pleased with the pictures and the way the story looked in the magazine, too. I’ve even kept a copy in a dust-proof folder to show Ryan when he’s older!’

How do I tell my story?

Before featuring your story, one of Real People’s writers will contact you for a brief chat over the phone. If your story is suitable for the magazine we will agree a fee to be paid on publication. We will then do a full interview with you – usually over the phone – and ask you to provide relevant photographs.

What happens next?

Once your story is ready to be printed, a writer will phone you and read it out to you as it appears on the page. Not all magazines do this, but we pride ourselves on giving you the reassurance of hearing your story first – it is yours, after all!



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