Win big cash and fab prizes with Real People puzzles

Will you be lucky?

Hello Puzzlers!

My name is Florence, bovine brain-teaserer extraordinaire!

Sure, you might know me better as a former international supermodel and fashion designer moo-se, or seen me turn tricks for magic beans in panto at the Palladium, but I got fed up with everybody ogling my beautiful black-and-white body all the time. I wanted to be admired for my mind – not those udder things! So, I got into this game: Puzzles. And I got good at them.

Needless to say, when Real People called my agent, asking me to be their trailblazing puzzle mascot, I leapt at the chance. Now I’m over the moooo‑n giving the old grey matter great regular exercise and RP are milking it for all they’re worth. Geddit?!

We’ve got the lot!

I honestly, don’t think you’ll find a groovier blend of brain food anywhere else.

Every week, you can pit your wits against:

  • Crosswords
  • Arrow-words
  • Anagrams
  • Quizzes
  • Word searches
  • Sudoku
  • Fill-ins
  • Code crackers
  • Pairs and much, much more!

I’ve even put together four pages of fun for the kids, where they can have a go at mazes, visual puzzles and number challenges. That should buy you 20 minutes of peace and quiet, Quick, run a bath!

Then there’s your puzzles…

… which only adds to the challenge and variety.

Simply send your own puzzle creations in to us at:

Real People Reader Puzzles, Hearst Magazines UK, House Of Hearst, 30 Panton Street, London, SW1Y 4AJ.

We’ll pay you £30 for every one of them we publish. 

But I haven’t even mentioned the cash giveaways and fab prizes!

One condition when I joined forces with Real People – we MUST put the most brilliant and bonkers stuff up for grabs

On our puzzle and prize-packed pages, you can win anything from an inflatable ostrich costume to £1,000 cash and everything in between.

Get your winning hands on Swarovski crystals, kebab rotisseries, Amazon tech bundles, Argos gift cards, zombie apocalypse experiences, Swingballs, driving lessons, spray-tan kits, camping gear, jumbo TVs, theatre breaks, inflatable boats, karaoke machines, walkie talkies, designer homeware and hot tubs… The crazy list goes on and on…

I know, right!  All that stuff (and even more stuff) in one mag? Wow. What are you waiting for? Rush out and buy your copy of Real People today!

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This week in Real People – Issue 46–47

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