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    School shun!

    Charlie doesn't care what you think of her school run looks.

    This is how mum Charlie rocks up to nursery. Her message? I’m NOT a bad mother… More

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    Life or death?

    Maegan's husband had done the unthinkable. So she'd have to do the same...

    After years of pining, Maegan finally got her man. But what wasn’t he telling her?   More

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    Half chicken, extra cheat

    Olivia and her fella loved a Nando's...but what was he having on the side?

    Read the full story in this week’s RP, on the shelves now! How to get your weekly copy of Real People IN SHOPS: Real People is widely available at supermarkets and shops in the UK and Ireland. WITH YOUR ONLINE SHOP: The major supermarkets can deliver Real People along with your online shopping. Just add it to your basket […]
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    Snip snip hooray

    After having a vasectomy, Laura was sure her older man's days of changing nappies were done. How wrong she was.

    Jenny’s fella had 30 years on her, twin grown-up sons and all the wrinkles and bags that they’d given him. But it was the vasectomy that had to go… More

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    Knock knock!

    Someone was at Nicola's door. They didn't bother waiting to be invited in...

    A loud knocking… Nicola wasn’t expecting anyone. She certainly wasn’t expecting this… More

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    Stone me!

    These loving owners watched in horror as cuddly Cooper went rock hard...

    Cassie’s Cooper wasn’t playing statues. He was in rigor-mortal danger… More

  • See, Know Evil

    Bearing Witness

    Only a child herself, Demornay was forced to see the unthinkable...

    Demornay was only 16 but her father’s killer spat, ‘You’re old enough to see this’… More

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