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    Logging off

    A chance discovery on a laptop led to brutal murder...

    Teacher Julie adored kids. She likely thought her husband did too… More

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    Stone cold

    A freezer contained an evil secret.

    When Celine went to stay with her aunt and uncle, her parents thought she was in safe hands… More

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    Call the police!

    A bad cop uses his status for sex. Then strays even further...

    Someone had been murdered. Call the police! Oh wait… More

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    Sealed with a kiss

    From a loving marriage to a slaughter...all thanks to a tiny 'x'

    An innocent ‘X’ on a text and Suzanne and Leslie’s marriage descended to the unthinkable… More

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    Daddy danger

    A hair-raising attacker turned on a child... then turned on the smarm in court.

    Carnage came to a little boy’s home, and who would cross-examine him in court? The killer himself… More

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    Fright Unseen

    Luck of the devil

    This killer was invisible to the cops. It was as if they could look right through him — to three innocent men who would take his place… More

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    Playing Cod

    Battered for a chip

    Yvonne was a cherished mum, friend, nana. But to her heartless husband all her life was worth was a £3 bag of fries… More

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