Beat the half term blues

Posted : Friday, May 22nd, 2015 at 2:56 pm

So the kids are off school again! To save your purse strings – and sanity – we asked Real People readers to share their money-saving tips

Vivien McLaren says, ‘Stock up on sticky tape, paint and glue. Grab a few large cardboard boxes from the supermarket, empty  the recycling bin and get junk modelling. I still love it at my age! You can make anything from a Thomas The Tank Engine to a turreted fairy castle!

Becky Duffy says, ‘Volunteer to have all the kids over your house for the day, and take turns with your friends’ children, too.  This way, they all keep each other company and won’t get bored, and you can organise things to do for the remaining few days instead of the whole week. And you get a couple of days free to yourself!

Jacqueline Berry says, ‘Keep it simple… a den in the garden, treasure hunt in the park, picnics, movie nights at home, face painting. School holidays don’t have to cost a fortune, and children love homemade fun.’

Nicola Reynolds says, ‘Look out for 2-for-1 vouchers for local attractions, and buying tickets online can sometimes be much cheaper.’

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Catherine McAlinden says, ‘I made this water wall out of an old trellis, and raiding the recycling box. I give my kids a bucket of water, and they catch it in another bucket, so no waste. Keeps them busy for hours!

Emma Smith says, ‘We joined the national trust, it helps towards maintaining our beautiful heritage and it costs less than £100 for the whole year for the 5 of us. We have endless days out with big adventure playgrounds, history and beautiful picnic spots.’

Linda Parker says, ‘I give each of my children £5 and ask them to each plan a day of fun for us all including an outside activity and lunch. They seem to really enjoy the responsibility and seeing how far the money takes them’

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Kim Lawrence says, ‘Gather up the empty kitchen roll tubes, chop them in half and you can make all sorts of characters. We have made Henry VIII, Samuel Pepys, Lord Nelson, Hello Kitty and Olaf, Anna and Elsa.’

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Carrie Lou Talbot-Ashby says, ‘We make dens! l pack a bag full of tasty grub for a full day’s walking and den-making in the woods. The kids love collecting the old dead branches, and we stack them up, take a few blankets to drape over the top and sit and eat our food at the end. It really tires the kids out, oh and us, too.’