Accident and Treemergency

Posted : Tuesday, December 16th, 2014 at 2:51 pm

Britain’s A&E units treat more patients during the festivities than at any other time, with around 80,000 people needing hospital attention for anything from flaming Christmas pudding disasters, to fairy light foul-ups! Here are some of the yuletide perils you need to watch out for…

Pin up!
It’s always nice to receive a smart new shirt. But be careful, 100 people are injured when putting on a new shirt that still has the pins in!

Before you tuck in to a chocolate that’s hanging from the tree, beware. Six people die each year eating a decoration they mistakenly thought was a chocolate.

Screw loose!
You know what it’s like, the kids get a sparkling new toy, the only thing is it needs putting together and the batteries fitting. Before you reach for scissors or a knife, remember that 60 people are injured when using scissors or a sharp knife instead of a screwdriver!

Gnash, gnash!
When there’s a bottle to open and the corkscrew’s gone walkabout, it’s easy to think you can open a bottle yourself with your gnashers. But up to 200 people break a tooth or a crown when opening a bottle with their teeth at Christmas. Don’t let it be you!

Eight Brits a-puking!
It’s the season for mistletoe and wine. But drink too much and you might end up being one of the eight Brits who fracture their skull while vomiting into a toilet at Christmas time!

Christmas jumper!
It’s always great when you find a jumper emblazoned with a picture of Rudolph to put you in the festive mood. Not for the 15-20 people who need treatment because they try on a Christmas jumper while smoking a cigarette though!

Burning brightly!
Before you decide to fix your fairy lights for another year, bear in mine that 100 people will suffer burns while testing faulty Christmas lights!

Wat-er plonker!
Two people electrocute themselves each year watering trees with fairy lights on. Oops!

Figgy inferno!
It’s a Christmas tradition to smother the pud in brandy and set it alight. But five unlucky people suffer third-degree burns setting fire to their Christmas puddings.

Fairy fall!
If you’re thinking of hanging fairy lights across your home this Christmas, make sure you’re not one of the 175 people who get seriously hurt, because they fall over while putting up fairy lights! That wouldn’t be fair-y good.

Pull a cracker!
Never mind putting on a paper hat, 10 people end up having cracker novelties surgically removed, after treading on them with bare feet!

Totally nutty!
It’s nice to have a Christmas nut selection to snack on, but not when you’re one of the 300 people who need emergency dental treatment after cracking their crowns eating nuts! Best keep to clementines…